Sup mate? Vincent here.
I’m a freelance producer & music entertainer on the web.

After ten years of musical practice, composing and performing live for a french folk metal band I had founded, late 2015 saw the beginning of my journey as a YouTube creator, posting weekly videos of metal music – essentially remixes, thematic/comedy videos and originals.

During summer 2016 I had the chance to work with first party AAA studio Blizzard Entertainment as musician arranger and live performer. Thusly some of their most famous musical pieces were played as loud as metal for the occasion of their last World of Warcraft expansion ‘’Legion” in Cologne (Germany).

I’m now still dedicating 80% of my time to making music and delivering quality content – blog entries & videos – every week to my audience.

My goal on here is to make people realise their own value, to help them achieve more and set up new goals. I want you to realise that tiny healthy habits can be the game changer. I genuinely believe it does as it truly worked for me in the first place. I’ve done my legate in the deadlocks of madness and gloom.

Fear my positivism and expect cheerful content.
Stay resilient. 🤜 🤛



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