Srsly bruh, what’s the meaning of life?

Sup mate?

So I’ve been rewatching a bit of Stargate (only 6 seasons, do not worry it’s fine). Even though it started to seriously get aged a long time ago, I’m still hyped by the show and its diverse tutorats. I’m gonna try to make this SG1-based entry actually valuable and not just be a hysterical fan boy.


I believe the show directors have made a clear decision to distinguish the good and the evil throughout the stories and thus it teaches you a bunch of easy life lessons, basically on ‘how to be a good person’, that I always find meaningful to remember. For the same reason that I’m not watching SG1 in the research of some ‘hard-science’ content, I will just tolerate the impending manichaeism that threatens every episode.

Besides that, it gets spiced up by some more philosophical aspects, especially with the occurence of two characters: The Harsesis – who is set to be a powerful child-god, and Oma Desala, a spiritually elevated entity who used to be a human as well.

Here’s a quote from Oma:

“If you immediatley know the candle light is fire, then the meal was cooked along time ago”

IMHO there are a few different meanings for this sentence. I’m buying the hypothesis that this was just some kind of scenarist move to add a bit of mystic/psy to the show but hey… I’m cheesy at the same time.

The first one that came to my mind was the fact that there’s no point at living if everything appears to be resolved and unveiled by essence, like there’s no game at all, no room for improvement.
The second one may be an absolute consideration with the idea that any fence isn’t really a big deal; that you’d have overcome any kind of issue, succeed at any type of project and triumph over any sort of trouble if you solely had realized that your enterprise was fertile, that your instinct was on point, that you just needed to be patient and process your premises.



Well that might not be true too often but sometimes you may have the keys, but you don’t know what to unlock. And in this case, I reckon it’s because we, humans, have trouble making decisions implying the long run. Which is natural, because of mothaflippin dopamine thresholds and constant seek for endorphin that make us crave for instant gratifications, feedbacks and exposure (at some different levels).But while this reptilian face of the ship that we are can be useful during some reactive phases to a situation (such as danger for example), our pro-active phases should be more focused in the long-term instead of immediate short-term recreative benefits, for this particular aspect of our lives embodies a terrible fiend to personal growth and goal realizations.

If you look around you may acknowledge an extreme diversity of successful people/projects from different careers/areas showcasing with their results and engagement that no business can burst into something huge before a certain amount of time (=most frequently years) invested and gambling on success or failure. Btw feel free to check out my previous post about why failure is the most important life lesson.

Another interpretation of Oma’s words that I found was cool was the following:

You can only know the real nature of a phenomenon/object/situation once all of its effects have occured. – I love it because it urges the person who’s reading/hearing it to remain resilient. You may be on a unknown path with a strange keyring in your pocket, you don’t know where you’re going but you must keep faith in your experience. Making a step can not be unhealthy, wherever you’re going. In fact, I don’t care it’s either this or dying in the void of nothingness where everything started. Let’s just create stuff.

That makes me think about a book that will help me draw a parallel and finish this post:
Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl
What if the meaning of life was the quest of finding a meaning to life?

Believe in your candle, go big

Also this is me when I believe too hard in my candles, don’t forget to question your choices as well, LOL


In a future post I will talk about the challenge I’m taking on right now and why I believe this is a good hack to beat procrastination.

Thanks for reading me, have an awesome day/week!

Stay resilient.

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Polyphia G.O.A.T


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