3 Hacks To Stop Being Lazy

Sup mate? Vincent here.

In a recent vlog on my Youtube channel I briefly spoke about ‘gear management’ and its tremendous impact on productivity.

When I had just started playing the guitar, I remember a full year when I barely touched the instrument and was only playing for the sake of band practices. I was telling myself that progress naturally calls for progress and that I wasn’t forced to exaggerate the thing, like rehearsing on my own, and consciously learn new technics (forgive me I was young, feeling at ease and obnoxious).*


The thing is that I was prone to do music, I actually loved it and was getting recognition with my band, there was absolutely no reason for me to skip doing it and chase it with full determination.

But oh yes there was some reasons. If you’re kinda like me regarding impulsions and motivation, you’re probably tributary of your temper and how you function on a daily basis.

In a previous post I talked about motivation cycles and why we, humans, are oftenly inconstant in the process of reaching our goals. Fortunately in most cases this is just a matter of building new healthy daily habits to unlock our full potential and start scaling like crazy. For instance, here are some new tricks I found to let you hack your productivity and overcome slackness:

#1 – Find a safe place

If you want to reach the state of Flow and be able to work hard on your goals, you need to be able to isolate yourself for 4 to 8 hours without being bothered by external elements. Or else there are great chances that you just won’t achieve a lot in the process of annihilating your to-do-list.

Do you have a room for yourself where you can be alone and max focused ? If not, I’d suggest you to find one before even considering going further as this very point would always be your biggest fence.


#2 – Pack all your stuff

Is your stuff easily accessible and well organized (or at least, next to you)? This is the 1st thing I noticed when I decided to do something about my sluggish phases and start working for real on my objectives, the more I set up handy solutions for my gear, the more I became motivated for practice.

This could be the spot where your instruments are packed (not only music; could work for pretty much any other field of expression that requires precise tools) and/or the amount of time you need to plug or install everything to genuinely start practicing. Think feng shui.

#3 – Make sure to practice consciously

Conscious practice is the key and the momentum is crucial – this is the real call for progress. When people tell me stuff like « I can’t do that because I’m just too bad at it », I usually respond with something like « How long have you been practicing your field? » because I honestly believe that no one is brilliant nor awful at birth.

The notion of ‘talent’ these days is really overused and largely influenced by popular medias. We always witness TV shows such as America’s Got Talent (or here in France, La France A Un Incroyable Talent) and yet never hear shit about how hard it is to come up with something special and valuable while this is in fact one of the key factors. And because practice is the key, you now should see my point regarding the past two hacks. How can you practice your field on a daily basis if you have nowhere to do it or if your stuff is always afield from you?

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything” (Wing Chun Master Wong)

Now that you can take advantage of this, all you have to do is aim for progress in the most conscious possible manner. Fair enough, isn’t it? In martial arts, you can officially say that you’ve mastered a new movement when you rehearsed it 10,000 times. Not foolishly 10k times but in the most conscious possible way, meaning that every repetition of your movement should be better than the previous one.


I leave you there, enjoy yourself.

Stay resilient.

*At the end of my scholarship I eventually decided to join a professional music school, because I assumed I had some facilities and couldn’t think of anything else for myself, but the knockout was real. Time is your fucken enemy, said my teachers. YOLO more like YORI (You Only Remain Imperfect). Keep practicing!

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