These Guys Are Resilient AF

“Meet SERPEN Series, the electric skateboards that can your lifestyle changer when it comes to urban transportation. And they are not the ordinary electric skateboards that you find on the Market! SERPENT-C is the smallest and lightest skateboard while SERPENT-W is the safest long board there is. They will make your urban transportation a breeze!”

Sup mate! Vincent here.

Today I wanted to give a quick shoutout to a brand that I’ve been following for a month or two. I subscribed to their mailing list to keep up with their news and upcoming kickstarter campaign (and yeah, also because they are shipping free skateboards for a few lucky winners). But more importantly, I wanted to make a post about them because they recently showed great sense of resilience, and that’s what we’re about on here.


> This is Kuickwheel <

So basically, they had released their first kickstarter campaign a few days ago and, from my PoV – even though I have no clue about their business plan or any cost whatsoever for what they’re doing, OBVIOUSLY -, they received quite a decent amount of support plus their two showcased main products (the electric skateboards Serpent-C and Serpent-W) were appearing at a surprisingly affordable/cheap price in comparison to some other famous electric boards out there.

However, just before I could even consider placing a pledge and cherish the idea of acquiring one of these, I received this mail from them:

Capture d_écran 2017-07-28 à 19.46.19

How. Flipping. Great.

So basically, instead of just pursuing their initial strategy the stubborn way, they chose to shutdown the page, take the minimal risk of losing some support, start over to come back stronger and take the chance to reach their maximal results, how cool is that ?
There might be thousands of examples like them, of people choosing to change their plans to become better versions of themselves or put in work daily to deliver the best shape of an idea / project by facing the shit or the unexpected.

Sometimes we need to realize that the contingency of sacrifice can be wholly part of your process and that this ability to mutate into something more accurate regarding your potential and people’s feedback can be a key to success. Changing your mind is not a big deal, even if you have thousands of customers. It’s no big deal since you do it for the good and that’s precisely what I think these guys are doing.

Capture d_écran 2017-07-29 à 18.24.32

Beware, I’m not advising anyone to change their mind every time they want to please somebody. There’s no secret rule about that and this is not what resilience means. Actually you need to create some kind of distance when something unexpected occurs to clear your mind, analyse the situation and thusly grab the opportunity to alter, reorganize or keep going with your enterprise / whatever your thing is.

“When you are quiet, your mind shouldn’t be quiet; when you are moving fast, your mind shouldn’t at all be moving fast. Even when your mind is calm do not let your body relax, and when your body is relaxed do not let your mind slacken. Do not let your spirit be influenced by your body, nor your body be influenced by your spirit. Your mind should lack nothing while having no excess.” ―Miyamoto Musashi (The Book of Five Rings)

Why do we live among criticism, failure, hardships or imperfection? Why can’t we just be at peace 24/7? Why isn’t it just easier? We’re all riding the same path wondering why the fuck do we have to face such a regular dose of trouble in our lives. But if you look in your own past, you just wouldn’t be able to even list the number of solved problems that made you grow stronger, wiser and more resilient just by figuring out what the solution was. And we’re all capable of that.

In my opinion, resilience and/or adaptability come with the idea of using it (shitstorms, binary issues or just unexpected events) to your advantage. You don’t have the same level of consciousness as the 10 yo version of yourself. You don’t see the world in the same manner anymore and the more you try to solve problems, the more you’re getting good at this.

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” ― Albert Einstein

There’s no victory if there’s no battle, you can’t success if you’re not challenged, there’s no muscle growth without the pain that will trigger its construction.

I will end this post with an attempt of witticism by telling your this short episode that’s been inspiring me everyday since I met the guy.

Years ago, somewhere in Germany, a little boy was being bullied by his classmates, they used to call him quite often ‘die fette Ratte’… Today TheFatRat weighs more than 1,6 million subs on Youtube and his channel has almost 300 million plays by the time I’m writing this article. Careful with who you tryna bash at school, kids. You might give them golden nuggets to make you feel even more stupid afterwards.

Peace out.
Stay resilient.

  • Uplifting song of the week: TheFatRat – Unity
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